Are you interested in personal development and self-discovery?

An Astrological Birth Chart reveals a blueprint about your life and your greatest potentials.

Do you want to make better decisions?

A Transit Reading provides additional information that you can use in making grounded, well-thought-out decisions about situations in your life, both big and small.

Do you want to become the best parent you can be?

A Zodiac Child Birth Chart Reading for each of your children will illuminate the best way to parent and nurture your kids as the individuals they are.

Do you want to improve your relationships?

A Synergy Chart reading helps you develop a deeper understanding of and communication with the important people in your life … from your spouse or romantic partners, to business colleagues, children and everyone in between.

  • Clarify your life purpose
  • Find the right partner in love or business
  • Improve your relationships
  • Transform the challenges you face into opportunities
  • Make sense of the dynamic shifts taking place around the globe
  • Be confident making important decisions

An interpretation of your chart gives you insight. Your destiny is not etched in stone, your free will reigns! You can maximize your potential as well as turn obstacles into opportunities.
Bring out the best in yourself, your children, spouse or partner … and professional relationships, such as; partnerships, projects and business ventures.