Art You Can Wear

My intention with Art-You-Can-Wear is to create garments designed to comfort you.

We will collaborate to choose your colors and meaningful symbols to create a garment of soothing silky, soft fibers so you feel adorned within your innermost beauty.

Art involves ritual. There is a kind of alchemy in the creative process. Nuno- felting combines the lustrous fibers of silk with the finest Merino wool, bathed, merged and married in soapy waters.

I look forward to collaborating with you to create a splendid garment (scarf) that will revere your unique way of being.


I have always felt, that image making is fundamental to being human. Coming from a family that valued art and creativity, I have found the transformational nature of making art to be renewing and healing.

I earned my BFA in painting from Pacific NW College of Art. My senior thesis in 1984, involved an approach inspired by the early Surrealist experiments. The art utilized mixed media paint and evolved from evocative collage shapes into interior painted landscapes that reflected a reality true to an inner world.

Art is therapeutic for me. I love assisting others in utilizing their creativity for expression and personal growth. In 2003 I completed a Masters in Art Therapy through Marylhurst University.

My love of nature and interest in natural healing methods led me to investigating and working with natural fibers in papermaking, and felt making processes including Nuno-felting.

I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with you to create a one of a kind, fabulous garment or scarf to complement your uniqueness.

-Lisa Brinkman